About us

Safety in Prosenica family business

Back in 1968th year was great "courage" to step into uncertain waters of the private business.

Among those who dared to step in this way was the family Prosenica. Patient, long-running business that family do, grew into a serious company that exist since 1996 and deal with the wholesale trade of granules. For several years, a company "Prosenica trade" doo is the authorized dealer and distributor of high quality granules. For more than ten years, our company has high quality collaboration with domestic factory for the production of polyethylene granules -PETROHEMIJA from Pancevo. Apart from these manufacturers in our stock we have granules from other companies such as HIPOL, LUKOIL and others depending on the needs of our customers. Number of customers who cooperate with our company, to mutual satisfaction, for years, both in our neighborhood and throughout Serbia, from year to year is increasing, primarily due to mutual trust, which is basically our motto. We will try to continue doing business as SAFE as it was, because thats the way it should be. Do not try to convince us otherwise.

"We offer reliable and high-quality solutions.
With us is safe and it is up to you to check and to make it sure!"

-Prosenica Rade, CEO